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Swiftwater: Bio

Swiftwater is made up of husband and wife team, Al and Wretha Webb, along with Larry Strickland from Bristol, FL, playing bass. Carlon Dillmore from Dellwood, FL, joins the group with a hard hittin' mandolin. Swiftwater's music is a fusion of bluegrass, country, and gospel... the beautiful voices and harmonies are what stand out in this group, as well as the music they choose to sing and play.

Al and Wretha have been singing and playing music together for many years. They live in northwest FL near a small town called Altha, FL. Al grew up in a musical home and has played music all his life, having been influenced greatly by his dad, W.T. Webb. Al and Wretha's 1st CD, Back in Time, is a collection of songs that include several duets and is known for the beautiful harmonies. This quality continues with their next 2 CDs. They are in the process of finding the perfect songs to go along with originals by Al for their next CD.