Al Webb: Vocals, guitar, mandolin

Wretha Webb: Vocals, guitar, bass

Larry Strickland: Vocals, bass, guitar

Carlon Dillmore: Vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo

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The music of Swiftwater is a fusion of bluegrass, gospel, folk, and old country ... The pure and clean sound of Swiftwater with their beautiful blend of harmonies tend to leave folks wanting more.  

Contact this group at 850-272-6386 or 850-762-3813 for your next event. 


Al and Wretha Webb have been singing and playing music together for over 20 years. From out of the woods of Northwest Florida, Al grew up in a musical home and has played music all his life, having been influenced greatly by his musically talented dad, W.T. Webb, songwriter, musician, and singer. 

Larry Strickland from Bristol, FL, brings his bass licks, voice, and his wonderful personality to the band.

Carlon Dillmore adds hard driving mandolin, voice, and guitar along with his love of music.